The Things You Have To Know Before Visiting Lembata Island

The thing you have to know before visiting Lembata island. 

I wrote this article to you whos want to visiting Lembata Island. Especially after i met Thomas and Taylor in Lewoleba.

For you who want to visitng Lembata island. The things your must know it. 

1. Lembata is an Island.

Lembata, maybe on your map is Lomblen. Before the Statement of Tujuh Maret (March 7th) in 1954 Lembata still using the Lomblen as a name. After that, the our traditional leader make a decision to change the name of Lomblen to Lembata.

2. Lewoleba is a Lembata Capital City.

Once you arrive in Lembata, in your map maybe drive you to Lewoleba Harbor. The city with the harbor you visit name is Lewoleba, the capital city of Lembata Regency.

3. People

People in Lewoleba is friendly, feel free if you want to ask something. But you must remember, that the not everybody in Lewoleba speak english. So you must try harder to make their understood what you want.

4. Spend your Time.

In traveling into Lembata Island you will need more time. Because not much you can do in Lewoleba. You must go to another village or small town in Lembata, like Hadakewa, Wulandoni and Lamalera. So, try to plan your day in Lembata.

5. Find some local guide.

Try to find some local guide or contact them before you arrive in Lembata.

Accidental, I can offer you as your local guide. Feel free to contact me by my email at pitokeraf[at]

Thats the simple worst thing you must know when come to Lembata Island.

Pito Keraf
Penulis Senior

Pito Keraf

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