Welcome to Lembata Island, Thomas and Taylor

Yesterday (June 16th 2018) I have met a new friends from New Zealand, Thomas and Taylor Jade. They are come to Lembata Island using an Sailing Boat. 

Previously i dont know him, but my friends Yety Moza met them before me and then introduce to me.

Their are visit our island just before go to Labuhan Bajo. I'am so glad can meet a new friends, can spoke to them. 

Especially when they let me and Yety join to their sailing boat. Yeah, that is first time for me can saw the interior of sailing boat.

Not much we can do but in first time we met, me and my friends so feeling friendly with them.

So, we invite them to take a look arround our city, Lewoleba. The capital city of Lembata Regency.

Its is so much fun. We trip to gother from Lewoleba to Bukit Cinta and Bukit Doa using motocycle.

But unfotunately they must continue their trip to Labuhan Bajo tomorow (17th June 2018). 

So if you like Thomas and Taylor who wants to visiting our island, let me know it. Me and my friends can drive you to the interesting places in Lembata Island.

Dont worry for the prices, it can be done latter. This action just only to make you feel better in my country especially in my island. Just contact me @pitokeraf from my instagram account or email me at pitokeraf[at]yahoo.com

Pito Keraf
Penulis Senior

Pito Keraf

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